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Company Roles and Responsibilities


  • CSIIP is open to all companies doing business in Virginia providing paid opportunities in a STEM-related field.   


Companies need to provide the following items to the VSGC via the online CSIIP Industry Register/Login link:

  •  A signed participation agreement.   
  •  Two points of contact for their participation in the program.
  •  General company information along with an overview of the internships offered if available.


  • Select students, make offers, and employ students directly.
  • Immediately notify the VSGC when a student has been hired.
  • Notify the VSGC of any change in the internship position description or period of performance.
  • Ensure a quality internship experience through exposure to real-world work with meaningful position responsibilities.
  • Participate in an evaluation survey at the end of the internship period, addressing the intern's performance, the company's experience with the intern, and suggestions for improvement to the internship program.
  • Assume all employment liability for the student during the internship period. 
  • At time of hiring, the company will "place" the intern via the link provided.
  • The company will provide a detailed position description, supervisor's name, title and contact information, site location, pay, hours per week and dates of employement.

Fiscal Responsibilities

  • Pay the interns a wage or stipend within program guidelines of a minimum $12 per hour.
  • Provide all FICA contributions.
  • Pay rates should take into consideration local cost of living and intern's experience level.


  • Companies are encouraged to provide enrichment activities such as lunch meetings with senior personnel, company tours, or attendance (as an observer) of an offsite meeting. 
  • Provide students with web access to view VSGC-supported webcasts, available on the CSIIP homepage.
  • Notify VSGC if the company subsequently hires a former CSIIP intern, regardless of where the internship was served.
  • Companies are encouraged to assist interns with locating affordable and safe lodging, and to assist students with making carpool arrangements if needed.
Company Roles and Responsibilities | Commonwealth STEM Industry Internship Program


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